An Urgent Request.

To All Our Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Church,


We need your help.


Many of you know that Ariel and I have been raising support to teach in Budapest, Hungary for two years. What you might not know is that the International Christian School of Budapest greatly needs us for the start of their school year in August, 2014, and we cannot go until we have all of our monthly support.

Yes, that’s in 2 months.

We’re calling on all of you to give, not to us, but to God’s ministry in Budapest through us. ICSB is a growing and fruitful ministry to missionaries, their children, and other students from Budapest and across the world who have never heard the gospel.

What do we need? We need $4,500 a month in order to live and teach in Budapest for 2 years, and that money comes from those who choose to partner with us.  We ask that you seriously consider and commit to supporting Ariel and I for these two years. Right now, we are at 12% of our monthly support.

You don’t have to give much to make a difference. Even commitments of $20 a month cause us to praise God. But we ask that you give generously as God has equipped you to give, not withholding anything.

Please don’t think we are begging you for your money. Our earnestness and passion comes from constant communication with ICSB and hearing about how much they need us there. We cannot afford to sit and be passive. We’re asking you to act. If God is calling you to support us in any fashion, please do it this week, today even. The faster we reach 100%, the faster we can begin the transition to Budapest and our ministry to the students of ICSB.

TO DONATE: Go to or email me at for more information. Please do not send checks to us as they must go through our mission board, United World Mission.


In Christ,

Brian and Ariel Dicks


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