Support Update!!!

Today marks the first day of a two-week “Pre-Field Orientation” conference for teachers of international schools around the globe. We are here with teachers from Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Europe, and various island nations, all learning how to better minister to the students we teach. Pray for us as it promises to be a productive and growing week!

While we speak with the teachers around us, it makes us even more zealous for the ministry in Budapest. However, we cannot teach until we have raised all of our monthly support. With that being said, I wanted to provide an update on our progress and a challenge to all of you.

Our current monthly support level is 15% of 4,500 a month, for two years. With that level, there are 2 main considerations to be made.

1) We are waiting on a few churches and individuals who have committed to giving but have not yet decided on an amount.
2) We are still making a few adjustments to our overall budget which could result in a smaller required total.

Still, even with those considerations, we have a long ways to go to reach 100%. Here are some specific ways you can help.

1) Partner with us Financially. We thank God for every single donor regardless of how much they give. All we ask is that you give generously as God calls us all to do. We also ask that you give as soon as you can, because August is approaching rapidly, and with it the beginning of the school year.
2) Spread our Need to Others. Regardless of whether or not you give, I believe every one of you know at least one person with a heart for missions and Christian education. Would you contact that person this week and share with them our ministry and need? 
3) Pray with  Us. Prayer has become all to common and passive in the church at times. We really believe that God listens to the prayers of his people, so we ask that you would join us in fervently praying for miraculous works of God in providing the funds we still need. We are ready to go on a moment’s notice, for we know He could drop all that we need in our hands at any given time.

We believe God can do spectacular things to get us there in August if that is his will. Please pray that we would trust in his will and be faithful to his call. Thank you. 🙂



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